Deep Heat

The approach I followed with this campaign was a slight 3D effect, seeing as there was no time to do an actual shoot for live footage. I took a still image and separated it into 3D world and added motion. It was an exciting campaign to be apart of.

Mamelani Project

I was approached by a South African NGO, Mamelani, to deliver a video they can use for marketing. It saddens me that there are so many of us in this world that never had proper opportunities and thank goodness for places like Mamelani, they completely build the nation.

It was such a pleasure to work with the amazing team at Mamelani and I am looking forward to any future work I might be fortunate enough to deliver to the team at Mamelani.

The Kill Heavy Music Video – “Hiding”

A couple of months ago I got approached to make a music video for a new upcoming band. It turned out that I went to school with these guys. Being fond of darkish type of films and music videos, I immediately said yes to the opportunity, especially when I heard their name “The Kill Heavy”. The band consist of a 4 piece modern rock acoustic outfit. Their aim is to take music back to the acoustic basics and not the modern distortion sounds. Making them unique.

The concept of the video is also unique. It starts off with various people in a waiting room (symbolizes the fact that we all are in a waiting room in life), the video progresses to the actual room of existence where we all deal with life in our various ways.

Shooting the video took only 8 hours from start to finish. We kept it simple but telling a unique story in various areas from camera angle, to Colour grading to directing. We filmed on the Sony F3 in HD. The post production took a little less than a week to finish. We had only one take on the featured wall scene which added more pressure for the actor. Final result was a pleasing success for the band members.

Director: Johnny Swanepoel
Editor and Post Production: Johnny Swanepoel
Cinematographer: Helmut Scherz from Wilddogs Productions


SOS Childrens Villages

This is a matter which is very close to my heart.  I wanted the truth to come across that there are kids being neglected which to me is unacceptable. This was a two part campaign I and the approach I took with this campaign was to visually shock the audience as we are not always aware of the danger that some kids are experiencing.