Films26 – Abstract

This year has started with a fast motion, but I have decided to take on a project which will push me creatively even further. The video attached is the first in a series of films where I will take each letter of the alphabet as a theme and create a short film about that. One to two minutes, depending on the subject.

This film is called “Abstract”. Each subject will be my own rendition of what I see that subject be in my head. It could be random, it could be styled, who knows where it’ll take me.

With this video I purposefully concentrated on the slow motion capabilities of my iPhone 5S. Each film I will be concentrating on something different, whether it’s camera, scrip[t, style, post production etc etc.

I wanna thank Richard Vossgatter at Phonographic for the sound design delivered on all Films26Project coming. Please visit them here and see what amazing work they deliver.

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