NOAH Old Age Home

When I did this commercial, one of the criteria was that we must use local old people from within the home. It was challenging as they are not use to cameras and not to mention the acting part. This old man had such amazing stories and was so excited about the commercial that we actually made him so happy and it’s “an experience he will never forget.” Quote!

USN Spike

I was asked to go on a road trip for a week and document a couple of competition winners on an extreme adventure trip. The competition was held on 5FM radio station and the audience had to express sounds of various extreme sports. After many km’s driven all over South Africa and after many extreme sports, we finally got home tired and after post production done, it was broadcast on SABC and also on the web. This was the most exciting campaign I have done as I am a huge adrenalin fan.


A horror trailer I directed of a man that has reached the end of existence.

The intro titles was an experience I will never forget. I took various newspapers and cut out words all pertaining to anger. It’s amazing how dark our advertising world of actually are.

Little One

A drama I wrote and directed which is based on the fear of teenage pregnancy in the 1950’s.

This film was a very big challenge to source props which came from the 50’s. Not having any budget at all, there was certain modern elements which was unfortunately visible.

The film reached international exposure on Australian and New Zealand TV channels.