Little One

A drama I wrote and directed which is based on the fear of teenage pregnancy in the 1950’s.

This film was a very big challenge to source props which came from the 50’s. Not having any budget at all, there was certain modern elements which was unfortunately visible.

The film reached international exposure on Australian and New Zealand TV channels.

Final Chapter

A drama I directed about a nagging wife that eventually gets what she asked for. The film was shot in less that 5 hours and editing done within 1 evening. Graphics and grading was done over a day.

The film reached broadcast on international TV channels in Australia and New Zealand.


A film based on a true story of a young man dealing with the loss of his brother, in his own way possible at the time.

This was my first film I wrote, directed and attacked the post production. Not knowing anything about film at the time and the entire process, it surely was a project which made me realise that a filmmaker is what I will be.

Being a personal story to me, this was a huge challenge and a very therapeutical process which is a quality that I will take forward into all my future films.

The film reached local broadcast on TV channels and later international TV channels.

RIP my brother Nicky Swanepoel – (4 May 1974 – 19 September 1998)