ready to rumble tvc

This project had an interesting request from client and with budget constrains this commercial was shot on the gopro. With only using available lights and limited time constrains, we mounted the camera to each club trainer’s chest to get the respective POV’s.

Hyundai Accent Campaign

A campaign completed for the Hyundai Accent and Hatch campaign for Jupiter Drawing Room. This campaign was broadcast before and after the show “Big Bang Theory”. Photography combined with motion graphics and stock images to create a look and feel of 2d vs 3d. The illustrations was to visually show the specs of the vehicle.


Deep Heat

The approach I followed with this campaign was a slight 3D effect, seeing as there was no time to do an actual shoot for live footage. I took a still image and separated it into 3D world and added motion. It was an exciting campaign to be apart of.

SOS Childrens Villages

This is a matter which is very close to my heart.  I wanted the truth to come across that there are kids being neglected which to me is unacceptable. This was a two part campaign I and the approach I took with this campaign was to visually shock the audience as we are not always aware of the danger that some kids are experiencing.

NOAH Old Age Home

When I did this commercial, one of the criteria was that we must use local old people from within the home. It was challenging as they are not use to cameras and not to mention the acting part. This old man had such amazing stories and was so excited about the commercial that we actually made him so happy and it’s “an experience he will never forget.” Quote!