mark beaumont around the world in 80 days

day 79_arc de triomphe_team

I was very fortunate enough to document Mark Beaumont’s attemp to break the Guinness record to cycle around the planet in 80 days, a total distance of 18 000 miles (28 800km). In order to achieve this he had to travel 240 miles (384 km) per day being in the saddle for 16 hours daily. Starting in Paris we traveled through Germany, Poland, Lithuania, across the vast distance of Russia, down through Mongolia and taking a flight from Beijing across to Perth in Western Australia. From there we traveled across to the east through Adelaide, Melbourne and took another flight from Brisbane across to Invercargill in the south of New Zealand, heading north to take a ferry from south island to Wellington on the north island of New Zealand. Heading north towards Auckland we took another flight across to Anchorage in Alaska. Heading South East we crossed the Yukon, British Colombia, Alberta and Saskatchewan in Canada and finally entering the US at North Dakota. Still heading South East we crossed North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and entered Canada again and traveled East where we took another flight from Nova Scotia towards the final stage being Portugal, Spain and finally completing the journey back in France where he started in Paris. He managed to break the Guinness World Record in 78 days 14 hours and 40 minutes. Earlier this year he also did a test run around Britain, 3300 miles (5 280 km) in preparation for the world trip which he completed in 14.5 days. I took on the role of content director, editor and also photographer on both these trips.

Every day we had to keep the public engaged on all social media platforms with introduction and completion interviews with Mark as well as daily incidents from the road. Capturing breathtaking scenery on camera I also had to document Mark and and crew on the road for a documentary which will follow in due time. Main focus, besides breaking the record, was to keep the audience interested enough in order to follow our trip continuously. With only 2 hours sleep every night, I am proud to have made history with Mark and the rest of the crew. Below is a weekly summary I did for every week as we traveled.

day 79_arc de triomphe_team

Around the World in 80 days (AW80) team.

Mamelani Project

I was approached by a South African NGO, Mamelani, to deliver a video they can use for marketing. It saddens me that there are so many of us in this world that never had proper opportunities and thank goodness for places like Mamelani, they completely build the nation.

It was such a pleasure to work with the amazing team at Mamelani and I am looking forward to any future work I might be fortunate enough to deliver to the team at Mamelani.