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(Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Motion Graphics and VFX Artist)



I am an enthusiastic, positive and creative individual. I enjoy being part of, as well as leading, a successful and productive team. I have more than 15 years experience in the Motion Picture Industry in various dynamics and am flexible, adaptable and versatile across all dynamics.

I am highly organised and quick to grasp new ideas.  I am able to develop innovative and creative solutions to problems. I work well on my own initiative and can demonstrate the high levels of motivation required to meet the tightest of deadlines. I can perform efficiently under significant pressure.

I can demonstrate a strong ability to manage projects from conception through to successful completion. I am a proactive articulate individual with excellent communication skills.

I have worked as a Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Motion Graphics and VFX Artist in the motion graphic industry. I have 20 years experience in the Advertising industry, and this together with owning my own business for the past 8 years plays has played an integral part in my capabilities today.

I bring strong Project Management, Business-Focus and Resource Management capabilities with the ability to solve problems through strong planning and implementation skills. I have proven leadership skills, including managing and motivating diverse teams to achieve company objectives.

I am an experienced, task orientated employee that is proactive and mission orientated with a solid understanding of business concepts.

I am experienced in leading and managing teams of various sizes, diversity, expertise and skill levels, using clear objectives, communication and assistance to reach the maximum potential for any project.

My organizational capabilities and strong desire to achieve goals and be successful in all aspects of my career will be beneficial to any potential employer.




– Boy from Congo (Cinematographer)

– Nick (Director, Co-Producer, Editor and VFX Artist)

– Baba Haastig (Cinematographer)

– Pieces of a Puzzle (Cinematographer)

– Final Chapter (Director, Co-Producer, DOP, Editor and VFX Artist)

– Little One (Director, Co-Producer, Colourist and VFX Artist)

– JH (Director, Co-Producer, DOP, Sound Designer and VFX Artist)

– Mystify (Director, Co-Producer, Editor and VFX Artist)

– The Unconscious Mind (Director, Co-Producer, Editor and VFX Artist)


The following films were broadcast internationally, on local TV channels, in Australia and New Zealand:

– “Nick” first broadcast in 2010

– “Final Chapter” first broadcast in 2010

– “Little One” first broadcast in 2010

– “Mystify” first broadcast in 2013


“Mystify” was an official selection into the following 2013 film festivals:

– Cannes Short Film Corner (France)

– West Side Shorts Screenings (Australia)

– Grahamstown Film Festival (South Africa)

– Shnit International Short Film Festival (South Africa)

– Short and Sweet Festival (South Africa)




– USN Spike Energy Drink

I filmed and documented a 7 day adrenalin sport trip which was the prize to a radio station competition. The trip consisted of 18 adrenalin sports while we travelled almost 5000km around South Africa. I filmed the competition winners, whilst doing the sports myself, using various cameras, including a GoPro. The sports consisted of sky diving, shark cage diving, gorge jumping and bungee jumping, to name a few. I then edited the footage into 7 separate videos, one for each day, to be broadcast on YouTube. It was so successful that it was then broadcast on the local television station SABC3 with a great response.

– Mark Beaumont (Guinness World Record for cycling Around the World in 80 Days)

I was very fortunate enough to document mark beaumont’s attemp to break the Guinness record to cycle around the planet in 80 days, a total distance of 18 000 miles (28 800km). In order to achieve this he had to travel 240 miles (384 km) per day being in the saddle for 16 hours daily. Starting in Paris we traveled through Germany, Poland, Lithuania, across the vast distance of Russia, down through Mongolia and taking a flight from Beijing across to Perth in Western Australia. From there we traveled across to the east through Adelaide, Melbourne and took another flight from Brisbane across to Invercargill in the south of New Zealand, heading north to take a ferry from south island to Wellington on the north island of New Zealand. Heading north towards Auckland we took another flight across to Anchorage in Alaska. Heading South East we crossed the Yukon, British Colombia, Alberta and Saskatchewan in Canada and finally entering the US at North Dakota. Still heading South East we crossed North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and entered Canada again and traveled East where we took another flight from Nova Scotia towards the final stage being Portugal, Spain and finally completing the journey back in France where he started in Paris. He managed to break the Guinness World Record in 78 days 14 hours and 40 minutes. Earlier this year he also did a test run around Britain, 3300 miles (5 280 km) in preparation for the world trip which he completed in 14.5 days. I took on the role of content director, editor and also photographer on both these trips.

Every day we had to keep the public engaged on all social media platforms with introduction and completion interviews with Mark as well as daily incidents from the road. Capturing breathtaking scenery on camera I also had to document Mark and and crew on the road for a documentary which will follow in due time. Main focus, besides breaking the record, was to keep the audience interested enough in order to follow our trip continuously. With only 2 hours sleep every night, I am proud to have made history with Mark and the rest of the crew. Below is a weekly summary I did for every week as we traveled



– Director

– Cinematographer


– Editor

– Motion Graphics Artist

– VFX Artist

– Colorist

– 3D



– Adobe Premiere Pro (Editing – Preferred)

– Adobe After Effects (Motion Graphics and Compositing)

– Adobe Photoshop (Motion Graphics)

– Davinci Resolve (Colour Grading)

– Final Draft (Scriptwriting)

– Adobe Suite



I have made several films, corporate videos, music videos and TV commercials and have subsequently been approached by Australian and New Zealand TV channels to broadcast my films, which have been broadcast onnumerous occasions.



Dates: 2006 – 2016

Company: Gleam Studio

Position: Co-Owner

Besides running the company on a director level I was in charge of all finances and managing staff as well.

My daily duties on the print industry included finished art and DTP as well as all photo retouching for all print related media. I also model and 3D render specific to packaging.

My duties in the film industry consist of taking a project from start to finish. I will start each project by creating an in-depth treatmentand a rough visual storyboard. Pre-production will follow where all direction will be pulled from the treatment regarding wardrobe, makeup, cinematography styles, cast complexions and even post production VFX and editing styles. Castings will be done prior to commence of production. Depending on the project I will either be cinematographerwhile I direct, or I will pull in a cinematographer whom I will direct. Once production is done, again depending on the project, I will either do online and offline editing, VFX, motiongraphicsand final colour gradingmyself, or I will pull in a team to execute the various departments which I then will oversee so my vision is fulfilled in the end result.

Dates: 2016 – current)

Company: Johnny Swanepoel (Freelancer)

Position: Owner

As detailed above.



Referees and Creative Portfolio available by request.