JOHNNY SWANEPOEL – 082 889 3064

(Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Motion Graphics and VFX Artist)



I am a self taught Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Motion Graphics and VFX Artist. My 20 years experience in the Advertising industry, and owning my own business for the past 8 years plays an integral part in my capabilities today. As a renowned Image Retoucher and Finished Artist, I have developed, grown and oversee that side of my business. My skills as a respected Retoucher have assisted me in successfully developing my Motion Graphics and VFX skills over the years. My passion lies in film and I have spearheaded the film division in my company as its Director, Cinematographer and Editor, which has become my main focus. I have made several films, music videos and TV commercials and have subsequently been approached by Australian and New Zealand TV Channels to broadcast my films, which have been broadcast on numerous occasions.


My short film ‘Mystify’ was accepted into local and international film festivals, which received many positive responses. I am currently working on my debut feature film as well as other films being developed and currently in script stages.


I am an extremely focussed, goal orientated, hard worker and I constantly strive to improve my knowledge of film-making.




– Boy from Congo (Cinematographer)

– Nick (Director, Co-Producer, Editor and VFX Artist)

– Baba Haastig (Cinematographer)

– Pieces of a Puzzle (Cinematographer)

– Final Chapter (Director, Co-Producer, DOP, Editor and VFX Artist)

– Little One (Director, Co-Producer, Colourist and VFX Artist)

– JH (Director, Co-Producer, DOP, Sound Designer and VFX Artist)

– Mystify (Director, Co-Producer, Editor and VFX Artist)


The following films were broadcast internationally, on local TV channels, in Australia and New Zealand:

– “Nick” first broadcast in 2010

– “Final Chapter” first broadcast in 2010

– “Little One” first broadcast in 2010

– “Mystify” first broadcast in 2013


“Mystify” was an official selection into the following 2013 film festivals:

– Cannes Short Film Corner (France)

– West Side Shorts Screenings (Australia)

– Grahamstown Film Festival (South Africa)

– Shnit International Short Film Festival (South Africa)

– Short and Sweet Festival (South Africa)




– USN Spike Energy Drink

I filmed and documented a 7 day adrenalin sport trip which was the prize to a radio station competition. The trip consisted of 18 adrenalin sports while we travelled almost 5000km around South Africa. I filmed the competition winners, whilst doing the sports myself, using various cameras, including a GoPro. The sports consisted of sky diving, shark cage diving, gorge jumping and bungee jumping, to name a few. I then edited the footage into 7 separate videos, one for each day, to be broadcast on YouTube. It was so successful that it was then broadcast on the local television station SABC3 with a great response.



– Hyundai Getz (Director, DOP, Editor, Graphics)

– FlexiCell (Director, DOP, Editor, Graphics)

– Prudential (Director, DOP, Editor, Graphics)

– New KIA Picanto (Director, DOP, Editor, Graphics)

– Knights Whiskey (Director, DOP, Editor, Graphics)

– Kinder Joy (Director, DOP, Editor, Graphics)

– Côte D’Or Chocolates (Director, DOP)



– CITO (Cinematographer)

– Sunsation White Launch Party (Director and Editor)

– Calvin Klein CK1 Launch Party (Director and Editor)

– iScreamStix Band Photoshoot (Director, DOP and Editor)

– The Kill Heavy Music Video (Concept, Director, Graphics and Editor)

– The Kill Heavy Viral Videos (Director, Graphics and Editor)

– Terminatryx Music Video (Concept, Director, Editor and Motion Graphics)

– The Damned Crows Music Video (Director)



– The Blueprint Travel Show Pilot (Editor and Motion Graphics)

– Vuka Awards Commercial NOAH (Director, Editor and Graphics)

– SOS Children’s Villages Commercial Toys (Director, Editor and Graphics)

– SOS Children’s Villages Commercial Sydney (Director, Editor , DOP)

– Menthelatum and AGS Movers – Various motion graphics adverts

– Hyundai – Various motion graphics adverts




– Obikwa (Motion Graphics)

– Fleur Du Cap (Motion Graphics)

– Various others, please view on website




– Plum

– Pongracz

– Kiburi

– Redsands Golf Estate

– KIA Motors

– Zonnebloem Wines

– Samsung

– Various motion graphics adverts






– NOAG Old Age Home

– SOS Children’s Villages

– Hyundai

– Natural Beauty

– Deep Heat




– Safety Scalpel

– Mamelani


– Shumani Mills Printers




– Director

– Cinematographer


– Editor

– Motion Graphics Artist

– VFX Artist

– Colorist

– 3D (Still in progress stages of teaching)




– Adobe Premiere Pro (Editing – Preferred)

– Apple Final Cut Pro (Editing)

– Adobe After Effects (Motion Graphics and Compositing)

– Adobe Photoshop (Motion Graphics)

– Davinci Resolve

– Final Draft (Scriptwriting)

– Adobe Suite for treatments