At the age of 18 I had the vision of being a professional surfer, but after a one days visit at a reproduction house, I decided to have a career in advertising. The following 12 years I spent my time in advertising agencies and repro houses doing finished art and photo retouching. In 2006 my run became a leap when I decided to start my own business, Gleam Studio, with my business partner Lyndon Skibbe, specialising in print media.

My passion for film, became my main focus and I pursued the venture independently into the film industry. Despite being self-taught, I have completed several short films. I was approached by an Australian TV channel to broadcast my movies, a development which led to exposure in New Zealand as well.

This encouraged me further and I set my sights on getting a short film shown at Cannes as well as making my first feature-length film.

The first of these goals I achieved in 2013 when my film “Mystify” was accepted into Cannes. “Mystify” was also accepted into The South African Grahamstown Film Festival, Short and Sweet Film, and the Schnit Film Festival. From a track record with the Australian TV channel, I was fortunate to have “Mystify” being broadcast on their local TV channels.

I am currently working on my debut feature film, as well as various other short films. The feature is in script development and will go into production in the near future. All my skills – directing, cinematography, editing and motion graphics – are completely self-taught, which makes my passion even stronger.

It’s this appreciation that makes me constantly strive to improve my knowledge of film-making and discovering new techniques to get that final crafted shot. To make the perfect film I utilise these improved skills in my directing, which I employ on a variety of projects, ranging from behind-the-scenes, corporate videos, adventure filming, short films, events, music videos and television commercials.

Coming from an advertising background where ads gets crafted to perfection, I absolutely love the entire process of film-making from pre-production all the way to post production.

Besides all of these, I am a passionate and a hard driven person and love to collaborate with other talented people. All for the love of film-making.

Film is my medium to express not only myself, but also have the opportunity to express other people’s stories.